Is your security door showing signs of wear, damage, or malfunction? Superdoor offers professional repair services, whether your door needs a fresh coat of paint, a new handle, or perhaps some weatherstripping to keep the cold out. We can breathe new life into your existing door without breaking the bank.


If your door shows severe structural damage, extensive water damage, or severe rust then it’s time to bid farewell to the old and welcome a shiny new door in your entrance. We can help give your entrance a makeover! You choose the design, door type, and dimension of your choice. We will make you a door that will give your home an extra layer of comfort and protection.

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    Common Door Repair Issues
    We Address:

    Door fix

    1. Broken Locks: We can repair or replace damaged locks, ensuring your door is secure.
    2. Frame Damage: If your door frame is damaged, we’ll restore its structural integrity.
    3. Hinge Repairs: Malfunctioning hinges can affect your door’s functionality; we fix them.
    4. Panel Damage: We can repair or replace damaged door panels, restoring both security and aesthetics.
    5. Latch or Lock Issues: Our experts fix problems with latches and locks, ensuring your door provides reliable security.
    6. Deteriorated Finishing: We offer repair services to restore the appearance of your security door.

    Why Choose Superdoor Repair Services:

    Expert Technicians: Our skilled technicians have years of experience in repairing all types of security doors. They are trained to identify and rectify issues promptly.

    We understand the details: As a top door manufacturing company in Nigeria, Superdoor deals with the fabrication, delivery, and installation of a wide range of security doors, and as such, we know what it takes to fix your door and keep it looking as good as new.  No repair is too complex for us.

    Quality Replacement Parts: We use high-quality replacement parts to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your security door after repairs.

    Rapid Response: Your security is our priority. We offer prompt response times to address urgent repair needs, providing peace of mind.

    Call us at 09098881230 or send an email to to schedule your security door repair.