in the heart of Lagos, a family decided it was time to renovate their home. As the man of the house, David embarked on this transformation journey, he was determined to make every part of their house a masterpiece

The entrance was one of his most important concerns. He wanted a door that would offer both security and aesthetic appeal at the same time. While searching for the perfect door, he stumbled upon an intriguing term online: Pivot Door.

Pivot Doors were not something David had heard much about, but their very name piqued his curiosity. Determined to learn more about them, he started doing his research, hoping to discover more details & where to get Pivot doors in Lagos.

David soon learned that Pivot Doors were unlike any conventional doors he had seen. These doors rotated around a different axis, hinging at both the top and bottom of the frame. It was this unusual characteristic that fascinated him the most.

You may have seen a similar door or heard about it at some point but maybe for one reason or the other, you haven’t had the time to do some research on it. Well, look no further. Superdoor Limited is here to give you a brief, yet precise explanation of what a Pivot Door is, and why it would be great for you to have them installed in your homes and offices.

Pivot Doors are doors that are hinged or hung at the top and bottom of the door frame, as opposed to the sides of the door frame, as with average doors. They are fast becoming a sought-after door in Nigeria, because of the design element of opening them.

Why should I get a pivot door?
There are many reasons why you should get a Pivot Door, and these reasons have been listed below:

MODERN: Pivot Doors are famous for their modern and innovative designs. They also make use of minimalism a lot, and they don’t always need a door knob or handle, compared to traditional doors.

STURDY: Pivot Doors are sturdy! The pivot support at the top and bottom of the frame gives the door a strength not found in most standard doors. The sturdiness of a pivot door also slows down any would-be intruders.

SECURITY: This is a good reason to get any door, but Pivot Doors takes it a step further by making use of high-quality and durable materials like galvanized steel, rock wool, Aluco Bonds, and biometric locks.

FLEXIBILITY: Pivot doors can afford you the opportunity to be flexible in their use. What this means is that a Pivot Door can be used either as a main door or as a dividing door between walkways or different sections of the office. This affords you the opportunity to style the furniture of the different sections according to your needs.

WEATHERPROOF: Pivot doors are great for protecting homes from adverse weather, regardless of the time of year. In other words, they remain solid, come rain or shine

BEAUTY: Pivot Doors also have aesthetic value as they help to add a touch of luxury to your
home, whether as an interior or an exterior door. As such, they can also be styled to match the interior and exterior design of the office or home.

VERSATILITY: Pivot Doors are also well known for their versatility. They can be used for multiple purposes and in many places including but not limited to residential buildings, offices, and hospitals. This is because they offer all the benefits listed above.

Wondering where you can get one? We’ve got you! Superdoor Limited is an excellent manufacturer of Pivot Doors. The exciting news is that we can design your pivot doors in any dimension and design of your choice. Reach out to us now for a door that will leave visitors in awe.

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