the ultimate guide to taking accurate measurements for your door


If you are wondering how to get a good measurement of your door entrance, grab a seat and your notepad as we walk you through the step-by-step process of measuring your door ACCURATELY. Whether you want to replace an existing door or install a replacement one, these tips will ensure an accurate fit and save you time and money.

Before we begin, here’s a crucial thing to note: Door widths of 60cm(23.622 inches) – 90cm(35.433 inches) and height of 210cm(82.6772 inches) are considered “standard”.

Make sure you have the following tools handy:
Tape measure
Pencil or pen
Notepad or paper
Level (optional)

MEASURE THE WIDTH: Start by measuring the width of the door frame. Place your tape measure at the top of the frame, and measure across to the opposite side. Take note of the measurement in inches or centimetres. Repeat this process at the bottom and middle of the frame to ensure accuracy.

MEASURE THE HEIGHT: Next, measure the door height. Begin on the left side of the door frame and measure vertically to the top of the frame. Repeat this process on the right side and middle of the frame. Note the measurements.

DETERMINE THE THICKNESS: Measure the door thickness. Place your tape measure at the edge of the door and measure across to the opposite edge. This measurement is crucial for selecting the appropriate door hardware and hinges.

CHECK FOR SQUARENESS: To ensure a proper fit, check if the door frame is square. Measure the diagonal distance from one corner to the opposite corner of the frame. If the measurements are equal, the door frame is square. If not, adjustments may be necessary during installation.

CHECK SWING DIRECTION: Another thing to remember when measuring your door is “the swing.” Door swing refers to the direction in which a door opens or closes when you push or pull it. Remember to take note of the direction of the swing. It can be either a “left-hand swing” or a “right-hand swing,” depending on the placement of the hinges and the direction the door moves when opening or closing. This small but essential detail ensures that your door opens smoothly and efficiently, complementing your space perfectly.

NOTE DOWN THE MEASUREMENTS: Record all the measurements you have taken, including width, height, thickness, squareness, and clearance. These measurements will be your reference when you select or order the right door.

If all these door measurement processes seem daunting, you can use our online door customizer to design a door from start to finish – we can fabricate doors of any size, colour, or design of your choice. Once you have done that, we will handle the rest – fabrication, delivery, and installation.