A Guide to Choosing the PERFECT Security Doors for your Nigerian Home

A Guide to Choosing the PERFECT Security Doors for your Nigerian Homes

“Fortify Your Nigerian Home: A Guide to Choosing the PERFECT Security Doors”

Picture this: You have a sturdy barrier standing tall, shielding your loved ones and priceless possessions from any potential harm. You can now easily go about your day-to-day activities because you do not have to worry about your home being broken into all because you’ve installed a quality security door…..Amazing right?

…When it comes to the SAFETY and SECURITY of your home, there is no room for compromise. That’s why selecting the perfect security door is an absolute must.  

But how do you choose the RIGHT door amidst the sea of options? How do even know what to look out for when buying a door?

Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision that will leave you feeling like a security expert

Durability: First on our thrilling list is durability. You need a door that can withstand the test of time and the elements, keeping intruders at bay while maintaining its strength and beauty. Our country’s climate can be unforgiving, with high temperatures and humidity. That’s why we recommend doors made from strong and resilient materials- Steel doors, in particular. A typical steel door can last decades, and with proper maintenance can still be as solid as when you first got it. Due to their durability, resilience to forceful entry, and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, steel doors are an excellent choice.

Reinforced Doors: When we talk about reinforcing a door, we’re referring to enhancing its strength and resistance to forced entry. Reinforcements are measures to make the door more secure and difficult to break through. This involves adding additional layers or materials to key areas of the door to increase its structural integrity. For example, adding metal plates or bars to the door can reinforce weak points, also strengthening the door frame is just as important as reinforcing the door itself. This can involve using longer screws or adding metal plates to secure the frame to the wall, making it more resistant to forced entry 

Door Security Systems: To boost the safety of your home incorporating advanced security systems such as access control or remote control systems into your security door will go a long way. Here are some options to consider;

A. Alarm Systems: Look for security doors with alarm systems or provisions for integrated alarms. These systems will sound an alert when someone attempts to tamper with or forcefully open the door, providing an additional layer of protection.

B. Access Control: For enhanced security, consider security doors equipped with access control systems, such as keyless entry, biometric scanners, or smart locks. These systems allow authorised individuals to enter, reducing unauthorised access. At Superdoor, we have high-quality access control systems like ENTR  and CODE-IT. These systems avail you full control over your entrance, and the interesting part is that you can control them from wherever you are

Door Locks: Selecting robust and reliable door locks is crucial for your home’s security. Look for door locks specifically designed for security doors. 

A. Deadbolt Locks: Opt for doors equipped with deadbolt locks, providing a higher level of security than regular door locks. Deadbolt locks extend deep into the door frame, making it challenging for intruders to force them open.

B. Multi-point Locking Systems: These locks engage at multiple points along the door frame, distributing force and reinforcing the door’s resistance to forced entry. Security doors at Superdoor come with a 4-way lock (With 7 bolts directed in 4 ways).  They offer superior security than single-point locks, providing comprehensive protection.

C. High-Quality Cylinder Locks: Ensure security doors come with high-quality cylinder locks that resist picking, drilling, and bumping. Look for locks that meet international security standards, giving you peace of mind.

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