Doors are fabricated for different reasons, most of which are for aesthetics and safety.

You should consider a door that improves your home aesthetics or provides adequate safety measures for your home and properties. Steel doors are reputed to be one of the best doors when it comes to security, but do you know why?

This article explains why steel doors are the best doors for security.

Here are some reasons why:

PREVENTS EASY ACCESS: The composition of steel doors is such that they are built to be sturdy, thus preventing easy access by anyone. Burglars often sneak in through the weakest doors as targets, avoiding steel doors that take more time. They also make more noise when hit, as they are louder than the average door during a break-in, alerting occupants to the unwanted presence and initiating the apprehension of the intruder.

DURABLE AND ROBUST: Steel doors can be fitted with high-quality hinges, locks and cylinders that add extra security to the door and your home. The locks will be heavy-duty key locks and almost impossible to break through. Steel doors are often drill-proof and indestructible, making it more difficult for robbers to gain access. They also last as long as 10 to 20 years with proper constant maintenance.

INCREASES YOUR PROPERTY VALUE: Steel doors, by their composition and structure, can help to boost your property value. The more steel doors in a building, the more that property will be valued because that property will be deemed safer and more secure than properties with average doors installed.

MULTIPLE DESIGN OPTIONS: steel doors now come in various colors and designs since they can also be aesthetically pleasing while securing your home. Another option is to make them a styling feature for the home. Superdoor Limited offers powder-coating or vinyl-wrapping options for security doors. With our wide selection of Alucobond & vinyl colors, you are guaranteed an attractive door.

MINIMUM REPAIRS: Due to the materials used to build steel doors, they usually require minimum repairs. The natural strength of steel also makes it better than other materials regarding sound reduction, level of security, fire rating, and many more.

Superdoor Limited is a manufacturer of high-quality steel doors in Nigeria. We utilise galvanised steel to fabricate various doors ranging from Internal doors to Security Doors, even Firedoors, Bulletproof, Hi-Tech and IDS doors.

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