If you’ve been keeping in touch with our social media updates on Facebook and Instagram, you would have noticed that we recently began to market a new line of products from our factory called metal wall art.

But first things first, what is wall art?

Wall art is basically any type of decoration that you hang on a wall. Wall art usually ranges from canvasses to framed prints and even sculpted or laser-cut designs.

Now some of you might not be interested in art, or maybe you’re not motivated enough to satisfy your curiosity about it. You’re also probably wondering what kind of value wall art provides, and this is why we have put together this article to briefly explain why your home needs a few wall art decorations.

Let’s go artsy!

The primary reason many art-oriented people invest in wall art is to beautify their home or office space. In case you are not aware, literally, every product ever manufactured has one or two artistic influences, and this brings us to the furniture that occupies your home and office space. Examples include your tables, chairs, mirrors, wardrobes, cupboards, doors and so much more. Being intricately designed and made to please you while fitting into the environment it has been put in is art direction. So you see, you can’t do without it.

Have you ever looked at the walls of your home and thought about repainting them because of how bland they look? You can save yourself the painting cost, time and effort by simply converting them into buying wall art which you can hang on that wall. Doing this helps to add life to an otherwise empty and lifeless wall.

Another reason to invest in wall art decorations is to highlight your home or office’s focal point. Think of when you enter your MD’s office (if you’re not the MD lol). There’s usually a framed print of the president and governor of the state on display. Those wall arts are there to signify power and respect to the offices of the land, and in so doing also silently tell you to respect the authority of the office you have just stepped into. Pretty neat, right?

Expanding further on the point listed above, the kind of art you display on your wall says a lot about the sort of person you are. Say for example that a person is an introvert who likes the outdoors, sports and music, they may have a wall art that portrays their personality, like a calm sea or mountainside or a picture of his or her personal sportsperson or artiste.

Putting up particular art on walls can help start or initiate conversations, and as such is a great ice breaker for people that might be too nervous or don’t know how to start a conversation.
Art also helps to ease the mind and allow your creative juices to flow, so if you are creative, it is only logical to have one or two wall art in your personal space.

Now it just so happens that we are running a promo till the end of the year where you get a free laser cut wall art for every door purchase you make! Isn’t that amazing?! Simply put, buy a door and get one wall art for free! To have access to our end-of-the-year “Super Sale” promo, please (click this link) and claim your prize!

Superdoor is a manufacturer of laser-cut wall art, which can either be left plain or painted to suit your preferences. Our office and factory are situated at 58b, Morison Crescent, opposite Alausa Bus Stop, off Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

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