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If you have ever purchased an internal door in Lagos, you would be familiar with the panel door. However, If you are new to the interior door market, and are curious to learn more about Panel doors before making a purchase. Then this post is for you.

This article has been put together with just enough information about panel doors. That way, you will be able to identify a panel door the next time you see one.

So, what are panel doors?

Panel doors are doors that have panels framed by rails and stiles of greater thickness. Gharpedia defines them as a door “constructed with panels, usually shaped to a pattern, installed between the stiles and rails that form the outside frame of the door”.

Panel doors are one of the most common internal doors to be fabricated. This door design is one of the most sought-after for homes and offices due to its simplicity, elegance, affordability, and aesthetic value. All these qualities are combined to make it a door worthy of accolades.


There are various types of panel doors, each with its style of rails and stiles designs:

SINGLE-PANEL DOOR: A single panel door consists of two stiles with top and bottom rails.

DOUBLE-PANEL DOOR: This type of panel door has a middle stile that divides the door frame into two parts

THREE-PANEL DOOR: As the name suggests, this door consists of two middle rails or stiles that divide the door frame into three panels.

FOUR-PANEL DOOR: A four-panel door has two middle rails or stiles, one horizontal and one vertical, dividing the door frame into four panels, which may or may not be equal, depending on your taste.

SIX-PANEL DOOR: A six-panel door is more or less a combination of four and two-panel doors. It consists of three middle stiles and four middle rails that divide the door frame into six panels of equal thickness.


You can use panel doors in a variety of places and for a variety of purposes. Panel doors are as an internal doors specifically designed for interior spaces, they can be installed not just in homes but also offices, schools and other corporate organisations.

At Superdoor, we fabricate the 6-panel (insert link) door type, made from 1.2mm galvanised steel sheets, while its door frames are made from 1.5mm galvanised steel sheets. Both are guaranteed to last for decades while giving you that aesthetic quality you love.

Also, we offer powder coating or vinyl wrapping finishings for our doors, but according to your specifications. This means you can choose what kind of finishing you want your door to have, right down to the colour(s). Each panel door comes with its frame and accessories.

If you want to make enquiries or purchases, we are at 58b, Morison Crescent, Off Alausa Bus Stop, Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos.

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