7 ways to style your entrance


One of our clients recently asked for ideas to style her newly constructed entrance. According to her, she wanted her entryway to stand out. Her goal was to make a statement, and we understand why. Anyone who comes into contact with an entrance is often affected by its appearance, so it must look good. Mrs. Debo understood the need to stand out, so, she asked for ideas. We gave Mrs. Debo these tips and thought it might be a helpful idea to share them with you, our reader.

These seven ideas will guide you in styling your entrance;

Here we go!

1. GO CREATIVE WITH A DOOR MAT: Aside from the fact that doormats are useful for letting your guests wipe their feet before entering your home, they also make your home more welcoming. A stunning door mat can add some life to your entrance and improve the look of your home. So pick a doormat that has a pretty pattern. You can also spice things up by getting door mats with creative sayings like Welcome and Hello.

2. GO NATURAL WITH PLANTS: You can never go wrong with using plants to style your entrance. These bundles of nature add life and color to your door, making it more vibrant than usual.

3. VIBRANT DOOR COLOURS: Another good way to style your entrance is by painting your door with warm, vibrant colors. Since colors can evoke certain emotions, it is advisable to choose a door color that visitors would find welcoming and make them feel comfortable entering your space. If you are wondering where to get colorful doors, Superdoor Limited can help with this. We have the option of powder coating your doors with warm and exciting colors that will make your entrance pop.

4. USE LIVELY OUTDOOR LIGHTS: Another smart way to style your entrance is to have enough lighting around it to stand out, especially in the dark. A motion-activated light that turns on automatically when visitors approach could be an option to consider. You can’t go wrong with this approach for your entrance.

5. GET A DOOR HARDWARE: Since the door is one of the noticeable things on your entrance, you can add fancy door handles to give a bit of spice and flair to your doors. So if your front door looks plain or bland, you can opt for accessories like a cute door knocker or a smart lock to give it some vim. Our doors come with accessories and frames. You can also get any of our access control security systems like ENTR and CodeIt at an extra cost.

6. REGULAR DOOR CLEANING: Believe it or not, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to give your entrance that new shiny look is to clean it. Cleaning every part of your entrance, including your door, will create a welcoming look.

7. PORCH: A place where you can sit and relax outside your front door is a great way to give it some style. It communicates friendliness. You can place a simple bench with pillows or one or two rocking chairs if you have enough space. Add a place to sit and read or chat with neighbors to create a warm, inviting feel entrance.

We hope these tips will help you spruce up your entrance. If you found the post helpful, please share it with someone who might need it.

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