One concern many people have is losing their property to thefts and robberies, but there is something else people should know but usually don’t consider: fires.

Fires are very destructive, consuming everything in their paths and burning them to ashes, that is why you must take the necessary preventive measures against fire outbreaks in your homes and offices. One of these measures includes getting a fire door.

So, what is a fire door?

A fire door is simply a door that has been made -or manufactured- to withstand extreme heat or fire in the event of fire outbreaks. These doors are important because they help to save lives and properties, preventing further damage to the building as well as its contents..

Depending on the grade of the fire door, they usually work for a specified amount of time, say, between 30 minutes and 2 hours. When a fire breaks out, the heat expands the seals to block any gaps and also seal the room for a period.

It should be noted that fire doors can only work when they are closed so they should be fitted with door closers to enforce that, as well as have a sign that says “Fire Door”, so people can be aware.

Fire doors are legally required in non-domestic (commercial) properties and must be fitted by a licensed installer.

Superdoor brand of Fire Doors comes with unique features that ensure the control of fire outbreaks, reducing casualties to their point of origin. Some of these features include;

  1. Our Firedoors are fabricated from galvanized steel with a gauge of 1.25 and a thickness of 50mm, and Insulation with rock wool, with a special fibre seal to seal gaps if a fire breaks out.
  2. Designed with four-way locks and seven bolts, this helps in preventing break-ins
  3. Come with a panic bar for occupants to use when they need to evacuate the building in an emergency.
  4. Our Fire Doors come with frames and accessories, meaning you do not have to buy parts to install on your door, as they are part of your purchase.

With a Fire Door, you stay a step ahead in protecting your assets from fire outbreaks at all times.

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