Tolu Fadeyi wants to replace the wooden exterior door of his house with a high-security door. But he is reluctant to buy a poor-quality door at an unreasonable price. Considering that the economy is tough, he does not want to waste his hard-earned money.

We bet he isn’t alone. He is like thousands of other people who want to buy the right security door but are cautious about buying the wrong one.

We want to show you five (5) easy things you can do to identify and pick a good security door.

Come with us.

When purchasing a security door, look for one with a multi-point locking system. In other words, you should verify that the door you wish to buy has more than one deadbolt. Our security doors, for instance, have four-way locks positioned in various areas of the door, making a break-in impossible.

You should also consider the paint quality when choosing a reliable security door. A powder-coated door will be more efficient than a painted door, as paint does not usually hold up to the sunlight due to its low heat resistance. Powder-coating prevents corrosion.

A spyhole is an essential feature associated with identifying your security door. It allows you to see who may be at the door before opening it. Knowing whether the person poses a threat to you and your family allows you to notify the authorities in a matter of seconds.

You should also consider the handles and locks included with the security door you plan to buy. A good security door should come with high-quality door handles and locks. Mul-t-Lock manufactures one of the best locks on the market today. Their products provide high security and a high level of protection against intruders with a system that offers high resistance to picking, bumping, and drilling.

The door you intend to buy should have a warranty of at least 7-15 years. If it doesn’t, you shouldn’t waste your time on it.

If your security door has glass built into it, check if the glass is laminated. Laminated glass is made by sandwiching two or more pieces of glass with a plastic layer, like the windscreens of vehicles. As a result, if burglars attempt to break the glass, it would crack rather than break because the layer of plastic makes it harder to break.

These few points will hopefully give you a few ideas about how to identify a security door wherever you are.

Superdoor manufactures security doors with all the qualities listed above.
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