5 effective ways to secure your front door.


5 effective ways to secure your front door

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There are a lot of break-ins happening in our neighbourhoods every year. Securing your front door is a pretty good idea as it prevents break-ins by burglars and thieves. You’ll definitely feel a whole lot better, knowing that your front door has been adequately fortified to prevent the men of the underworld from getting into your personal space and causing unwanted harm to lives and properties under your possession and management.

You’re probably wondering how else you can secure your front door apart from shutting the door and locking it with the keys. In the article below, we will be showing you 5 effective ways you can secure your front door:

Here are 5 effective ways to secure your front door:

  1. DOOR LOCK: Yes, your door probably already has one, but have you ever thought about the possibility that you might have a weak door lock? Door locks come in different grades and qualities, so it would be a wise move for you to assess yours and determine whether it needs to be changed or not. Some of the various types of door locks include a five-lever mortice lock, night latch, multi-point locking system among many others. Installing a door that meets regulatory standards is a sure way of securing your front door.

A single sided deadbolt would be the most preferred for securing your front door as it protects from the inside, and as such, would only be opened and closed from the inside. Deadbolt locks are also 100% effective against lockpicks.

  1. SOLID FRONT DOOR: A solid front door is a very good way to secure your front door. If you’re going to make a selection for your front door, make sure you select a solid door as hollow doors are extremely vulnerable to force attacks, and as such, should only be used as interior doors. If your solid door has windows, simply reinforce them.
  1. DOOR SECURITY BAR: This is a highly effective way of securing your front door. All you need to do is to install two L bolts into the jambs or studs of the door frame and rest the steel bar on them. To open the door, you just have to remove the steel bar, which weighs just a few pounds, and that’s it!
  1. REPAIR/REPLACE HINGES: Door hinges, like every other material, get weaker over time, and this weakness increases the possibility of allowing intruders into your home. Door hinges should be regularly checked for signs of wearing. Changing your door hinges at the appropriate time will ensure that your front door continues to make your home secure. It is also advisable to use screws that are at least two and a half inches long. This is because screws that are one inch long and below are a security threat. Better to double on your security efforts. You can also add hinge bolts that will not only prevent the door from being lifted from its hinges but are also hacksaw resistant should a break-in be attempted.
  1. GET A BETTER DOOR: Your front door may not be strong enough, or it may have aged, as a result of wear and tear. If either is the case, it simply presents you with the opportunity to upgrade your front door. Say you’ve been using a wooden door as a front door, you can simply just upgrade your front door to a steel door. 

With all these, we can guarantee that you have taken the right approach to securing your front door. Superdoor Limited manufactures high quality and durable security doors across top industries in Nigeria, so we’re pretty certain that we can provide you with your preferred choice of security doors for your home and office. 

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