Door Problems and how to fix them yourself.

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Door Problems and how to fix them yourself

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Doors, like every other product, tend to deteriorate over time. As this happens, the doors begin to develop one problem or the other. This article explains the various ways by which you can fix these problems. Some of these problems can be fixed immediately by you, while others require an unconventional, or professional approach from technicians.

Below are some of these door problems and how you can fix them by yourself.

SQUEAKY HINGES: This happens to be the most common door problem. Every time you open the door, it groans in protest as if it’s being forced to do its job. An easy way to get rid of the squeaking is to apply some lubrication in the form of petroleum jelly or soap/candle wax. If the squeaking doesn’t stop, the hinges themselves may be damaged and need to be replaced.

STICKY DOOR: If your door happens to be sticky, it could be that it isn’t fitting squarely into the door frame, or particles like sand and dust have clogged its hinges. Check if the screws are tightly wound in, and if they are, you should check the hinges for any particles and clean them out.

LATCHING PROBLEM: If your door isn’t latching, it could be that the strike plate is misaligned during which the door latch barrel and plate hole would not meet. Simply loosen the screws and realign the strike plate using a hammer, then screw it back properly to prevent it from shifting in future. Another reason why the door isn’t latching is that the hinges may be loose, in which case you just have to tighten them back into position with a screwdriver.

LOOSE HANDLE: Having a loose handle is particularly dangerous, given that it could prevent entry into or exit from a building, especially in times of emergency. What you need to do is to fasten the door handle back into its position using screws, then check for any dust or rust while also ensuring that the door’s locking mechanism remains fully functional.

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