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Our security doors are rigorously tested to offer you maximum security, deter break-ins whilst protecting you, your family, and your properties.


Bullet Proof Doors

Our bulletproof doors are tested in compliance with the highest standards and are reinforced with tempered steel bars and armored ballistic resistant...

Fire Rated Doors

Fire Rated steel doors play a vital role in keeping people safe and minimize property damage during a fire. Our fire doors control the spread of fire...


Interior Doors

Are you looking for a long lasting and affordable internal door? At Superdoor, we have an extensive range of internal doors...


Industrial Doors with Louvers

Our Louver doors are a great solution for small spaces. They are utilized for natural ventilation and temperature control. The slats on the doors gives...


Turkish Doors

Our Turkish doors are distinguished by good quality; they are uniquely designed to provide comfort. Turkish door is an ideal option for those seeking affordable...


Hi-Tech Doors

Hi-tech security doors are uniquely designed to provide a high degree of security and convenience. Constructed similarly to the standard high security...

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Our doors are a perfect description of the old and very popular saying “you get the value you pay for”. You get these impressive arrays of benefits all designed for your convenience and security;

Maximum security

Our steel security doors are made of 1.2mm thick galvanized steel panels combined with vertical and horizontal steel reinforcement which is built into the body of the door. This makes them Heavy security doors that cannot be easily pried open. They are engineered for maximum strength, so you can sleep with both eyes closed at night!

Innovative locks

Our locks are designed to offer resistance against attempts of picking, drilling, and prying...

Sound Insulation

Tired of hearing all the noise in your house? We understand your need for privacy which is why we insulate our doors with acoustic properties (the soundproof is of 33 decibels).


Our doors will not only last a long time; they will stand the test of tough weathers and stay “unshaken”...


We know that nothing lasts forever, but our doors will serve their purpose before finally breaking down. Not convinced? Try it out yourself and experience the comfort our happy customers are enjoying right now.

Authenticity and aesthetics

The classic and elegant design of the doors immediately increases the value of your property. The good thing is, they are customized to suit your taste. So you get a custom door designed exactly the way you want.

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