SUPER-DOOR NIGERIA LIMITED Is a worldwide leader in manufacturing and marketing of security doors, we design and produce:

SUPER-DOOR NIGERIA LIMITED is the main supplier of security doors, bullet proof doors, fire doors, interior doors and security systems for Embassies, Security-institutions, architects, contractors and banks all over Nigeria and Africa. Our doors are crafted with the finest of materials and have inherent acoustical and thermal properties that augment their structural capabilities to ensure consistent comfort and solitude.

Our factory based in Lagos, Nigeria, provides high quality solutions for our customer’s security and design needs.

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Our core value is to design, develop and create a cutting-edge security door that meets our client’s requirements. While maintaining our vision to lead in the world of security doors. Our products include the following:

Security Doors

Superdoor manufactures the best and most popularly sold security door in the world that incorporates the most modern development and improvement for residential and commercial entrances. Our security doors are rigorously tested to provide utmost security, deter break-ins, whilst protecting lives & properties.

Internal Doors

At Superdoor Nigeria Ltd, we have an extensive range of internal doors that suit all style and price ranges. Panel doors and Flush doors are our bestselling internal doors. They can be used in closets, bedrooms, kitchens, offices etc. They come in numerous colors to complement your home’s decor. They are made from the best of galvanized steel, covered with various vinyl designs.

Locking Solutions

We develop and manufacture high-quality patented locking solutions for institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential applications that guarantees safe, secure and convenient access to physical and digital places.

Fire Rated Doors

Fire Rated steel doors play a vital role in keeping people safe and minimize property damage during a fire. Our fire doors control the spread of fire and smoke for up to an hour or two. Our facility undergoes routine inspections to verify that modifications are done in compliance with the requirements of the specification listings.

Steel Gates

We manufacture different variety of gates and a wide range of steel products for commercial and residential use. By using the state of art computerized machinery, our doors and all iron products are precise according to the client’s requirements, dimensions and quality.

Commercial Access Controls

We provide customers with a choice of commercial access controls. All our products provide the essential resources for the development of tailored models according to local needs, demands and international standards for both Entrance Security and interior doors.

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